Not just the CBC!

I often stay out of politics because I’m compelled to read the fine print on legislation, and frankly I don’t have the time to read the fine print. I leave that up to others in the media – or even on here – to cull the information in a never ending stream of he said she said. My apologies to my politically motivated friends, I do appreciate the good fight you keep up.

When I hear, however, that legislation was tabled yesterday that would see our federal government reaching deeper into the pockets of the CBC, or more aptly shortening the strings, I get worried; primarily because to me the underlying motive is control – control, manipulation of the media, and the result is dis-empowerment of the citizenry.

I’m already second guessing: How independent is media? To me it’s a worthy debate but one I can’t touch here. I also can’t really challenge the notion that a government in power has the right to increase or stabilize it’s approval ratings in order to play to it’s support. Polarizing opinions by reducing diversity of opinion is a tactic well known in this era.

But the CBC legislation has more to do with Machiavellian approaches to power. Duplicity, manipulation of the truth, are characteristics of devious and even nefarious personalities. They must be countered with truth. When you manipulate the institutions of deliberation and debate – of reason, you are subverting power. Make no mistake, these are dangerous times and our current federal government is abusing power.

We ave an obligation to protest and mount a challenge. I hope that other private media take up this protest in the coming days, if only to make us much more aware of the crisis we face. This is much more than the CBC, it’s how we determine our future – if we have the power left to do so.