I’ve wanted to say how much I support the Working Centre’s Multi-Cultural Cinema Club for a while but haven’t found the right POV. It’s easy to be too busy with a festival or an MC3 project on the periphery, or as an advisory committee member waiting for the next update on tactics and media centre business – it is more media centre than club perhaps, even media hub would fit nicely.

The other day I was contemplating spending more time with the centre’s work in my busy schedule: getting my hands on a camera and fearlessly throwing myself at an editing suite – but that’s not my schtick, it’s not why I’ve supported the Cinema Club from the get go.

I support the Multi-cultural Cinema Club because it stands as an example of cultural community need. It’s not a training centre like other stodgy academic schemes – though it is a learning environment, and it’s not a studio or production house though you would wonder how this couldn’t be farther from the truth when you witness the client business in full swing.

Perhaps in reality it’s all of these things and more – it is a cultural asset that operates under the ethos of self initiation. It has more to do with the Working Centre’s model of community tools – developing the skills and foundations for re-integrating or re-aligning the self into the community, in this case through the pursuit of a visually moving narrative. In it’s existence as a centre for initiative and self reliance it holds the highest of community values.


Off The Grid

Been wondering about my environment – am I naive to think that what we do as consumers simply perpetuates negative impacts – that understanding of our role in the schema of want creates endless cycles of imbalance spinning off to catastrophe. Buy this, buy that, shop for the sake of shopping; I posses way too much – of the wrong things. The plethora of goods to satisfy my cravings hasn’t earned me the right to want. How do I unwrap the routine and become at once accountable and responsible, and is that all it takes. Is the end to gluttony fulfilling enough or does it take joining in the cause –  measuring my response with others to minimize my footprint through action – living for change and not merely resilience.  How far can you get back down the treadmill, use less, give up dependence, make change and come to terms with the world we are moving towards unabated. What promises can I keep – self awareness is one thing but action is completely different. Where do I place myself in my environment! 

Gospel Generator Project (Circa 1934)

The sun comes up, and we’ll be there,
chasing our dreams, before they run,
for time has stopped, we’ll see the end,
before it comes, before it comes

And now, we’ve turned away,
to face His truth, in our own way,
turn around, yes turn around,
go the other way, slowly turn.

To open arms, the lamb lies down,
facing up, to father’s joy
taken here, by the hand
walk slowly child, your time is come.

Filling in some time this lovely lyrical Sunday morning with the Gospel Generator Project. Not sure where this inspiration came from, maybe the harmonies in my head needed some words. Hah! Like a dream while I’m awake I imagine something like a 1930’s revival tent in the dusty summer sun filled with Sunday best and suspenders and hats – and white gloves and pecan pie. Yes, pecan pie, and the smell of perfume. Maybe it’s a small church whitewashed against the sky, standing alone out of town where the buggy horses line up staring sideways at each other, tails swishing the air – children spinning dizzily outside while the Pastor beams in the doorway.