Manly Week – alone in the dark matter!

I’ve commented about my “man week” these last couple of days reflecting on one or two funny things that are happening during the week my wife and youngest daughter are off to Cuba – I hope I’m not offending anyone by gender stereotyping like this.

It’s part of the message that men form symbiotic relationships with their spouses in traditional ways that are learned, and can be unlearned as well – or rather re-imprinted with new information.

For me it’s about this learning and unlearning process. I will hopefully be more unified with Lynda after the experience, and it is an experience. I could tell you about the hardship I felt the day after she left – it’s been years and years since the house has been empty of the female intellect – and the near breakdown I had when facing loneliness and not knowing what to do with myself but that would be too much for me right now.

Instead, I’ll suggest that given time, we are all capable of becoming whole, but I know when you miss someone that seems empty. For heavens sake, our cat misses Lynda and Catherine as well – I can tell by the way she doesn’t know what to do with herself either! (ps it’s the remaining cat, we had two just weeks ago.)

So for now I’ll ramble on about my man week and see what turns up, an explosion of creativity or perhaps an invigorated sense of responsibility, who knows.


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