Moving beyond survival – not to be taken for granted. Just another blog post!

I think I’m feeling positive because I had a little sliver of abundance in my finances that allowed me to reduce debt – not shatteringly so, but just enough to make me feel happy. I am amazed at how personal finances have such an effect on me. There were years of struggling and before that even desperation, but to see a tiny window of hope open makes me thankful for abundance when it comes.

I am not banking on it in perpetuity – to stay on the theme – but I must humbly strive for fulfilment and security. I do have a philosophy I guess – it’s not about amassing fortunes, that just smacks of luck and overindulgence. I tried the latter and it spiralled out of control – I strongly advise against it! I’m more of the one foot in front of the other, slow but steady camp now. We have lots of wisdom around us – can’t buy health or happiness is one and I’m right with you on the health front – lots of change is necessary but I’m still about those small steps, small wins, one on top of the other and so on.

I’m reminded of the President of Uruguay who was recently featured in the news because he gives back 90% of his income. It’s not about the number necessarily (and my apologies if it was some other country) but how you approach it. He lives on less than I do and derives happiness from things like ‘man’s best friend,’ his dog. I really want to retire without debt – and it’s only 15 years or so away so I wish to put things in order slowly now, not wait until later. I do give a portion of my income monthly to several cultural charities in the arts and strive to do good with what I have. I suppose it’s an investment in the community’s future – at least one I would enjoy more if it were thriving. It may only amount to a few hundred dollars a year, maybe a thousand, but it helps to keep an artist working through a project for sure.

Slow and steady will pay off I strongly believe – call it building resilience in my own system, and I have to pay more attention to it now than ever before as I look towards those later years; I have to move from survival to thriving and I’ll certainly spend the effort. The challenge is in doing so ethically and with passion for community while not losing sight of my own care in the loftiness of giving. I’ll give it a try.


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