The Olympics are not tarnished!

I remember the ‘agony of defeat’ trailer as a child with the ski jumper falling dangerously off the ramp twisting and turning at high speed like a rag doll. Pushing themselves to the limits of physical, psychological and emotional excellence is something athletes do on a regular basis. I heard the other day that within the next couple of decades; advances in training technology could result in the first sub-nine-second 100 meter sprint. That would be amazing. What can I personally learn from the Olympics, rather than rail at corporate commercialism or dangerous Dupont sponsorship ethics?

For every rising star and gold medal there is a story equally as bold and triumphant that brings hope and inspiration that anyone can achieve something better, something greater than they set out to do yesterday, by the sheer audacity of their determination. From what I have seen of the Olympics this year, personal sacrifice and unending desire for excellence has brought the world’s attention to the highest stage. It’s not the Coca-Cola stage or the Bell stage – that just helps to put them on in a more complete form, to enable rather than to purchase.  

Perhaps it’s having been on the field of competition, perhaps being on the coaching sideline as well, and perhaps most of all – like those taking part today and tomorrow in the apex of their sport – it is witnessing and rekindling that feeling, the opportunity to go for it that continues to makes me a fan. Go Canada!


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