The God Article – no shit!

Fellow parishioners of a soulful life, I had the opportunity tonight to take in the blog The God Article and it meets with my sensibilities. It’s a curse I may have that searching for answers takes me so far into uncharted territory and I apologize for my opening sentence, it only means that I am convinced that we are able to develop human conditions that extend our existence beyond biological functioning enough that tolerance and the ability to live civilly are possible, regardless of beliefs. It is diversity that makes us unique. I kinda like these progressive Christians who take a similar approach though with God front and centre. Big up!

Back to The God Article. The blog is substantially contemporary in its coverage of politics, feeding flames of outrage over North Carolina’s recent anti-same-sex legislation, and it makes no apologies for being involved in politics at any level. It may be the only place that I find walking on egg shells for me at least, but I have to delve deeper into this later, after all, it’s contemporary stature is enough to see the difference in approach to politics in such things like “All=All” in reference to a Christian approach to “god’s Children” in a positive and tolerant sense. It’s not undermining other religious beliefs.

While I may not crack the fundamental questions of existence myself, the Progressive Church movement in the United States seems to be comfortable enough with themselves that they invite “intellectual questioning,” in fact, it is one of their tenants. Not sure how this plays out as my inability to step over the threshold of a Church has still left me out on the sidewalk, but it’s a start. Maybe the conversation can exist in virtual reality and on facebook as I will hopefully invite some participation by friending in the near future. By the way, any progressives out there, you can find me on FB at Brian W. Scott, from Kitchener. And the rest can find The God Article on facebook as well. Don’t have to like them – just take a look. And oh, take a look at Progressive Christianity on Wikipedia.


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