Note to self: Faith

I posted on another site about the rejection of religion as a crisis of moral value – only to suggest that its absence has to be replaced by a strong moral code and therefore outright rejection isn’t good enough. Western secular values I asserted are founded or at least intertwined with religious principles but we repulse these in favor of reason and the further denial of faith.  Faith becomes an obscure mysticism in which dark thoughts or imaginative conclusions are not based in reality. The denial of faith in these terms is a denial of the unknown, the unobservable.

I am interested in faith as its absence represents to me a second crisis, not just in value, but in belief, and to have faith it seems to me is as plausible and valuable to have as reason. Forgetting philosophical foundations for a moment, as I am looking loosely at qualities of faith and less towards definitions, I find that faith fundamentally propels us in direction and motivates us to continue to seek truth. One might say reason and experience do this also by seeking truth. Faith however can seek the realization of truth and its realization is what we believe in. Though some would object and refer to faith is the inability to seek truth, I believe faith is linked to reason and provide us with certainty, daily.

I believe we know ourselves and our place in time and existence through faith. For one, we have a representation of ourselves that we uphold. We believe things about ourselves that we present to the world. We look at ourselves in the mirror each morning and have faith that we have souls which ideally have value.  Without faith, we are less than upholding. We lack value in ourselves, and we deny ourselves this right to assert our existence.

Faith offers us a higher existence, at least one which is believable. Reason says we are imperfect, and I must criticize myself against an unknown and unattainable ideal. I believe this is the existential void. My favourite subject of mental health would be better served through faith than reason. I am perfect in me. I can embrace faith as an opportunity to achieve fulfillment. I don’t have to deny its plausibility or feel threatened by traditions that aren’t my own such as religion. I don’t have to live in obscurity. I just have to have faith.


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