Sounds of a peaceful day

Journaling isn’t always filled with excitement and enthusiasm. Sometimes it’s a reflection of contentment or inertia winding down. I know I have to get back to Johnny in a while but the break is calming. Today is for listening to my inside voice, trickling through the songs of birds and the distant traffic. Our wind chimes speak their proven notes. Hopefully that little bugger next door won’t come out and bounce his basketball off the garage door again. Yes, automatic pilot. Some jerk’s car bass speakers rumble the floor beneath my feet – jarring my jaw. Never mind, I am blissful. I listen to the birds again. Brakes squeal as someone avoids an accident – so many wonderful sounds. I imagine a fulfilling meal, hmmm. I am too lazy to make such a delicacy. Oh well. I’ll continue writing. My stomach grumbles. How about a meal replacement instead? Calming, soothing. I get an ash in my eye. Ouch. It stings only for a moment but I smudge my glasses – again. Oh, there’s the boy now. Hockey, I didn’t know he was a fan. I am intrigued; reflective. One of the neighbor’s dogs starts to whine. They have several so it will be a chorus in a moment. I’m waiting lethargically. Barking, whining, barking; all part of Gods plan for nature. Oh there’s the neighbor. He’s yelling at his wife. He’s drunk – again. It’s pleasant here on Brock Street. Gives you time to relax. That’s what ‘me’ time is for – relaxation. I put aside all thoughts and just take in the tranquility broken every now and again by peace.


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