Behind the scenes with the “Johnny” series

Do I know where “Johnny” will take us? No I don’t. Not yet but I have some things coming to mind. I want to avoid writing the ending first but I do have an Idea – call it a feeling – what will happen after the brunch scene. I also think I have the target length in words – where I want to be mathematically – predicted at the moment, and I also am starting to get a sense of the tone as well as the Genre of the piece.

I am a great fan of the British crime novel – yet this piece feels more like American Noir than anything else. Well, let’s call it Southwestern Ontario Noir – I’ll really try and localize it without being trite.

I can’t rewrite the piece as I blog so I’ll have to stick with some of the characters and places I’ve already created – but as an experiment it should still work out. Yes, I have taken to writing this elsewhere in a file which will help me with the continuity but it will also help me post larger sections like the one I just wrote today , and I hope you will be happy with that as you will have more anticipation and get involved a bit more – you’ll have a steak in the plot!

Remember I’ve never done anything like this before – it’s entirely an exercise for me to see if I can write something complete over the course of weeks. Yes that’s right – should take about a three weeks to a month if I continue with the longer pieces. And a couple of other caveats: I am going to have to follow the male sexism a bit further – fast car beer drinking Johnny and all – but there will either be consequences – always are in Noir and I’ve already started by bringing Johnny up from troubled background and wealth in a Chappiquiddick/ Kennedy sort of way, or I’ll try to change this a bit and insert some liberal democratic credibility. You’ll just have to wait on that one.

The second Caveat is I may get tired and try to short cut – that’s what I am trying to avoid more than anything, especially around closure. I’d rather keep things open and unfolding as much as possible. Call me on it if you think I am wavering.

The last thing to realize is that once I’m done I will have a full draft short story. That’s the beginning of the process I guess, so what you read shouldn’t be the end all in terms of structure especially, but I am having fun with it for now.

Thanks for listening and keep up with Johnny. Oh – I would certainly change the title with the final draft – maybe sooner. If you think of anything you would like me to call the peace – and don’t say crap – drop me a note through my about & contact page e-mail:


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