Update – About & Contact

I’ve added an e-mail addy in the About tab so you can send me comments and suggestions. I’d like to here from you, really I would!

Blogging isn’t at all like social media. you put something out there and it doesn’t come back. With FB, this only happened a few times and I got the point – it probably sucked. Now, nothing really comes back but I have had a few people say they have read this stuff and want me to keep going so send something encouraging as well. PLEASE! It’s the only way I’ll know if I am going in the right directions so be honest HHHHAAAHHHAAA – again please do so! At the very least drop me a line at my facebook page – you don’t have to be public about it. I’m going to find a way to write something because I want to practice this craft and be able to write for longer periods on some of the stories you have seen here. If I can get that far then I can continue to find my voice – or change, doesn’t matter.

Why did I start playing the guitar at 44? Well, because all through my life I looked at other people doing things and said to myself, if only I could do that. I’ve worked with musicians for years and always envied the sounds they created – it was way over my head in ability. Then one day, I met a musician who told me he had only been playing for a little over two years. Now he could bang out a tune pretty well from my perspective and I wanted to get involved somehow in what I was doing, so I eventually took the plunge and bought a cheap practice guitar.

All I did was the math and told myself if I played enough – like mostly every day – I would be able to play the thing in a couple of years. That’s not so bad now is it. And so what about the age. Unless I get bad arthritis I should be good until I’m 60. Tell me something you are doing that involves a certain amount of skill that you have been doing for 15 (44 yrs old when I started plus another 15 years or so) years.

So I am taking the same approach with writing for now. I’ve always wanted to be a writer – and been so close to writing whether it be prose, plays, or journalism, and now I get to dabble in it like a weekend cottager at least, but more if I keep it going. I’ll start off with the essay and work up to the short story or play and then who knows. I just need to keep going and you can help. Don’t think you don’t play a role. 

So now you know how you can help me. I want to help you by giving you something daily that you can smile at, ponder, or even just blow off, but I want to give it anyway. You’re feedback is urgent!


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