Every time I hear a guitar based song I reach for my axe

That’s a good sign no? Mean’s I’m still interested. I thought I was waning a little over the winter. It’ll be close to a year soon since I picked up a guitar for the first time and admittedly I’m not as far along as I wanted to be. See, the guitar is weather dependent for me. It takes its place by the ashtray and coffee mug in the workshop. That’s where I can wail away with the amp or struggle through an acoustic chord transition over and over. Trouble is, it’s cold in the winter even with the heater on – not to mention coming home from a day of work in the winter is as depressing as hell. Not the coming home bit, technically it’s the dreariness and darkness that prevents creativity. It’s dam oppressive.

Now, with spring nearly here and better weather, I feel like I’m hitting my stride a bit. I’m concentrating more on those transitions. I’m pulling lessons off you tube every day and even though I don’t have the tempo, it’s a lot of fun knowing the chords to some of my most favourite guitar tunes. Should I tell you? Well here’s a short list – lots more when I think about it: Hotel California, Ohio, Have You Ever Seen the Rain, Let it be, Yesterday, and on, and on. There’s a lot of southern rock I guess.

 I wonder if I can get into the bedroom right now where I left my acoustic and sneak out before I wake my wife.


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