Yes man.

Hahaha – didn’t blog at all yesterday – not that the mind shut down – maybe it was an overwhelming day being a birthday and all. The thing on my mind the most was the fact that I was on vacation but still in the office. I kept getting asked, “Aren’t you on vacation?” So I was playing with half a dozen critical paths and all their tasks trying to stay above water and I couldn’t figure out why not being on vacation was no biggy. I ended up telling myself why wouldn’t I do something I love on my time off. And it’s true – I woke this morning with the same attitude.  I don’t think I am going to be resentful, I’m not. It would be different if we had plans of course, but I’m the only one off at the moment and I really do feel unfettered even with the pile of work; I don’t feel as obligated. So, how do I get this feeling all the time? It’s not like I have said no to anything this week. All yes’s.


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