Working for the man

Let’s see – how do I say this without revealing too many details. Well, some of you know I work in an arts related field – that shouldn’t be too far into the personal realm of losing my job – and some of you know I work for a bureaucratic institution. There. That’s enough now. Let’s move on.

I recently merged with another department who I thought was quite progressive and for the most part is. You would have to be you were responsible somewhat for moving the bureaucracy through the tough economic times and also being responsible to clients and stakeholders. You’d have to know your shit to be fair.

Part of the knowledge base is how arts and culture industries integrate with economics to create opportunities in communities. It’s a Richard Florida approach. What I assumed was that many of colleagues were familiar with the language of arts and culture and would see the dovetailing. What I found in a workshop yesterday was something, well – different. I didn’t get to poll everyone in the department separately, but their seemed to be traditional notions of art as secondary to growth in a community and not a priority other than it has been identified in abstraction as such.

What I’m tip-toeing around here will help me because I am going to suggest a project to upper management that will communicate more comprehensively the pieces of the bigger picture or puzzle arts related industries satisfy, and hopeful I will get self satisfaction out of the process and be able to create a kind of one page primer. My only trouble is I don’t quite have the time. Yet it needs to happen soon. Well, there is always next week – the second week of my vacation. Uh oh, I got away with it this week, however what my wife will say if I try and ramp up the work projects next week I think will be predictable. Better not. Put it on the back burner with the other projects to mull over. At least I’m feeling like I want to be more engaged in my environment again.


One thought on “Working for the man

  1. reminded me of a team building excercise I did years ago – and it was a group of creative industry beureaucrats to top it all. We made small vessel’s as part of the excercise but admitedly I made a business card holder. I Missed the point I guess!

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