Series: Johnny #3

Jenny, and Johnny's Car

“ S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y –Night! S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y – Night, I-I-I-I Just can’t wait, I-I-I-I gotta date,” Not really a hello now was it. 

“Sup Johnny – and it’s not Saturday night yet either.”

“No matter, it will be sometime wone’ it – and we’re gonna’ party, we are gonna’ party,” he rhymed.

“What are you talking about you crazy fool?” I said,

“It’s Jenny’s birthday man – remember?”

“Yeh? So? We are going to that opening tonight – they’re not usually bustin’ loose at openings.”

“Not the way I see it – we are in – we’re the ones who make it man…make it make it, shake and bake it.” I know it was his way of poking me in ribs but he could also be annoying at times as he spun off into whatever music or pop-culture vein he wanted – it was a constant barrage of verbal spew sometimes – but that was in a way entertaining. It kept it lively, and it did drive itself on having fun. Problem was you never really saw a serious side; always something going on; always something.

“Ah – fucking hell that’s cold,” I could hear the water in the background and realized he had stepped into the shower with the phone still at his ear.” Gotta’ go; your place in half an hour.”


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