I so know my wife will kill me when she finds out I posted this

What do you think I was going to write about huh? Well, it’s not that. Or that! She doesn’t want me to put a children’s story I’ve been working on out there in case it ends up copied. Oh well – but I can’t resist so here’s a clip…

“Now of course this story about heroes would not be complete without the old tom cat lazing on his back in the remaining sun with one eye open among the deep grass of the front yard, tempting a bird or two (though in his mind alone) to come too close, and it is with the old tom cat that we start our story this time around for Tom had almost forgotten the last adventure until a snail, smaller than a coin chirped up. Tom at first took no notice, “Tom Cat, there is a new car outside the big house across the pond that wasn’t there last week,” said the snail.”

Do you want to hear more? Let me know…


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