One of the goals of this is to write every day – and increase my typing speed (nah.) but I am wondering about the possibilities: yes, I could continue the frantic blah, blah, but I was just thinking that I could serialize something of the stories I’ve started. Well, not the ones that are bound for glory right enough yet take that little Jenny and Johnny story earlier; I could write a new piece every couple of days and keep it going. Hmm.

 Sorry for the narcissistic thinking out loud by the way, but remember the run and shoot offensive style – I do a lot of thinking out loud. Even filling troughs with stupid questions or at least the same ones over and over, until I say it in the way that get’s me the understanding I need to move ahead.   I also think that some of these ramblings could be insightful; after all, I’ve been around a few blocks.

Oh yeah – that was the other thing – I want to pretty up this box a little in the next two weeks while I’m on vacation. Just reminding myself – sorry again.



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