Story Not Optional

I read another blog a few moments ago and they said something that I think makes a point – for me. They spoke about how everyone has a story, but that once you start writing yours down, it compels you to take those little moments and make them significant – sort of like a photographers lens metaphorically when you start to see things differently. I promise I won’t be this kind of writer. Honest.

The first reason is that you filter everything. Why not come out and say when you saw the most incredible first edition of McLuhan’s The Guttenberg Galaxy, that it was not only too expensive for you and you hoped that someone else wouldn’t pay the price either, until you mustered enough financial courage to wade in to the realm of collector; far more appealing than the mustiness, or the light through yonder window suite of recollections.

My more important reason not to take snaps of every day is that, well, it’s my day – not yours. Personalizing is something that we should avoid at all costs. Personalizing is a way of revealing vulnerability to strangers and is effectively pathological. It’s like simple math in a way – trying to overcome weakness by postulating on a flower, or the dog’s haircut, or the brunch with Johnny and Roberta. It’s the opposite of what you are trying to achieve in the first place.

If you are going to write me a story, write me a fucking story. I want to know why Johnny is not at the table with Jenny but Roberta’s hair’s a mess, and why the dog was sprayed with skunk but the tomato sauce didn’t work. Tell me something I can’t get from the lens – there’s always more to see.

O.K. – sometimes I’ll get on track and debate an issue or even post about my own limitations in order to promote transparency, but sorry fellow blogger – I just like to write. It amuses me and I hope it does you to. In the words of a Karaoke friend of mine from yester-year…I’ll make it my own.


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